Tudor Rose


Silbury Hill's Tudor Rose CD was recorded in the autumn oof 2009 and launched at the Brewery Tap, Ipswich in March 2010. It features 6 tracks all recorded at the Gemini Studios in Ipswich and was the band's first venture into recording,


Tudor Rose


Inspired by a story in the local Evening Star newsaper ........


They were gathered there together during an early wartime raid

For delivery from the enemy, the bride and groom they prayed

The bombs fella all around the church, they all stood safeinside

A tudor rose fell from the roof and barely missed - the bride



Sweet Solstice dreams


Written during an evening away from a loved one on midsummer's night and reflecting a wish to be back home rather than working away.


Lost in dreams of June, warm summer sun

Miles away from you, far- have I come

A song this night my love, is all I have to say

Until we shine agaon, upon midsummers day


Tonight remember me, in your...  tomight, I'll think of you, in my ......Sweet solstice dreams


Sleep comes at last, as eyelides come to close

Warms my lonely heart, to poetry from prose


Time Will Tell


Funny how life spins in circles

Spinning theough your destiny, running rings through history

As you journey on

Strange paths cross in crazy way, love hides on lazy days

When you are far from home

Strange too, that jorneys pass much faster when you take them a second time

or on your way backhome

Back then, the summer lasted longer, sun shining stronger

Than even now


Don't you know that time will tell.


Care, for crossroads of coincidence, a lifetime of incidents

Meet your every turn

CHoose you friends and your lovers, remember that others

have their choice too.

So good to have such fond memories, sunny days and fantasies

Love on any shore

Stay here right with my passion, maybe we could fashion

A new journey home


Don't you know that time will tell/



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